Breakfast, It Should Be Mandatory

I wanted to repost this blog because I wanted to share one of my experiences in the beginning of my #plantstrong #plantbased journey. Still on my way but I know that in order to get there I need to take the right steps and follow the right path. Eating when you need to opposed to when you want to were one of the challenges I faced. So for those of you trying to better your self, healthily, read on to my breakfast “is the most important meal of the day!”

Connecticut In Our Hearts

During this holiday season of gift giving, family fun, food comas, and children’s joy, we’ve been hit with yet another crisis against humanity. The family and friends of those taken away from this world last Friday will forever remember what happened. I would like to send my prayers and thoughts to all of those who have been struck during this tragedy.

As a parent myself, it’s a tough issue to swallow after seeing the images of the 20 children and 7 adults robbed of Christmas cheer this year and every year after. Not only are the loved ones of those taken from us in pain but the rest of this world is aching with them. Not to take away from their time of mourning but to join them with love and compassion. We all want to be angry, we all want to blame someone, we all feel a sense of hate, and we all want to close our eyes and wish it never happened. There are a lot of feelings going through our minds and hearts during this time but we can not forget what is really needed at this time.

If those parents, children, teachers, and loved ones all had another chance to be with one another again, what do you think they would want to do with their second chance? Hate? Get revenge? Be angry? No, they would probably want to LOVE each other just a little more than they did that horrible morning. We can all sit here and think about what we need to do to stop this from ever happening again. That’s perfectly fine but we can’t do it with guilt or blame in our hearts. There has to be a sense of love and appreciation when going forward with all our lives.

Christmas trees line memorial. 20 trees to commemorate children lost.

I turned to my only daughter of 7 years and hugged her, kissed her, laughed with her, played with her, read with her, and lived with her just a little bit more and just a little bit longer. Let’s honor those children and adults that are no longer able to do so by doing what they would probably do if they were given a “second chance.” My heart breaks for those parents, friends, and family members that don’t get one. So let’s take this opportunity to cherish the chances that we have. The chances that everyone else may not have.

I usually talk and post about food and service that is offered out there in this world. Along with all that, I more than likely add my opinions to them as well. If there is anything else that weighs in on my thoughts, it would be that I am a proud father. A proud father that would give anything to always know that she will always be free of harm and will have the opportunity to grow up and experience what life has to offer. Unfortunately, even the tragedies of this life. No matter what, I would love to know she’ll be able to live her life without others trying to obstruct her path.

During this season of giving and time with family, I’d like to ask you to give a little bit more and spend more time together. This incident should be a big wake up call that everyone, even our children, are not guaranteed a tomorrow but only promised a today.

Memorial for Sandy Hook Elementary School victims.

From my daughter and I, we want to extend our deepest condolences and our endless prayers for everyone affected by this massacre. It won’t be easy but keeping our love strong and continuously flowing for each other in this crazy world of ours will help us go on. We won’t forget but we will survive their memories forever! Heroes and angels will forever watch over Sandy Hook Elementary School.