It’s been about 4 years now and Serve M.E. Now continues to strive at it’s mission.

Mission: To SERVE others in the likeness of MAGNIFICENCE and EXCELLENCE. To provide a service unlike no other. A service that is UNIQUE to each individual client created to highlight that client’s interests, palate, and personality.

We have worked with many different clients hoping to achieve the same thing. All our clients have an interest in what food is essentially used for in out bodies as sustenance and a bit of entertainment for our eyes. Each client works with Chef Flo to create the most unique menu to offer to their guests. Chef Flo offers suggestions on food that is LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE, andSEASONAL. Our menus are not only unique to each client’s event, but they are also the center of each and every event.

Past Clients

Small Families, Newlyweds, Couples, Groups of Children, a Ladies’ Bridge Club, a Sunday Brunch Club (55+), Individual Foodies (seeking the best of the best), Church Groups, Individuals (not comfortable in the kitchen) (who want to surprise their loved ones) (who want to add to their repertoire of home cooking) (trying to impress a special someone), Families (with children who have special dietary needs), Gluten-Free Families, Vegans, Vegetarians, Plant-Based Families, Lactose-Intolerant Families, Nut-Free Families…

AS WELL AS…Corporate Clients, JDRF (Juvenile diabetes research foundation), Event Planners, Chefs (who want to collaborate), Filipino Associations, Caterers (looking for a specialty chef for their clients with special dietary needs)

As you can see under our SERVICES tab, we offer a wide variety that will fit each client’s needs. Check them out to see exactly what you can expect from Serve M.E. Now and Chef Flo!

For more information, please feel free to contact us below. You can check out Chef Flo’s contacts and reach out to him. If you have any questions on reviews or our blogs, please feel free to contact Sean Adams.

We would be so excited to help you plan your next event, Serve M.E. Now style!