From Personal Catering to Personal Shopping and Group Cooking Classes to Healthy Eating Education, Serve M.E. Now is proud to offer an array of services that provides a unique and special event to each and every client.

Dear Future Client:

Each event is custom made to the your specifications. Along with Chef Flo’s creative suggestions and opinions, you will get a chance to create your event to your liking down to each single garnish and when to stop serving your “favorite in-law!”

Chef Flo will work with you to create a menu that attracts not only your best foodie friends but that will work with your special dietary needs, if necessary. Whether it is a catered event or a cooking class, it all boils down to what you prefer. Most caterers and chefs offer SET MENUS and PLANNED MEALS. Serve M.E. Now and Chef Flo never limits your creativity and desires. He comes into the meeting with an open mind and blank notepad. He’ll ask you questions like

What is your favorite restaurant? If tomorrow was your last day on Earth, what would you want your last meal to be? Name a food that you would never try, not even for your own kids or loved ones? What was the last meal you enjoyed with your friends or loved ones? What was the last dish you prepared? What was the last meal you called for take-out?

He asks those questions so that he can suggest the foods that would best appease you and your guests’ palates. He desires to create all one-of-a-kind dishes. If your friend hired him in the past, you would probably never see the same food at your event. However, if there is something that you just could not have enough of, will he deny you any of it? Of course not. If that’s what you wish, he will make it happen. He just wants to make sure it will always be to your liking and never something that is forced on you.

He will have sample menus available for the not-so-foodie at heart. He will offer his suggestions based off of your answers to his questions. You should never feel too pressured. He knows how to create menus based off of a color scheme and your favorite TV Series if that is what you wish. NO matter what the event or party, Serve M.E. Now and Chef Flo is hear to SERVE you whatever it is your heart desires.

We use the freshest, most local and best tasting ingredients possible. We prefer to utilize all-natural and/or organic ingredients but only if you wish. If you feel it is unnecessary or out of your budget to use such high quality ingredients, we understand. We will always strive to find and purchase the best of the best for your event. We work with all kinds of budgets so that you can be assured that your custom-made event will be the best of the best that suits you. Small budgets or big budgets, a Serve M.E. Now event is a Serve M.E Now event, unique and one-of-a-kind using the highest quality and local ingredients available!

-Serve M.E. Now



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