Cooking Classes

Ever wanted to cook like a professional chef? Did you just want to learn some new recipes or cooking techniques to be able to provide your friends and/or family some great tasting food? Are you afraid of the kitchen? Do you and your friends want to have a reason to get together while drinking and learning how to cook for a “Girls Night Out?” Did you recently have to change your diet because of health reasons and need to know how to cook better for you and your family?


Cooking Classes

Whether for a group of your friends or for just you and your partner, Chef Flo can teach you kitchen tips and tricks, food product knowledge, knife skills, cooking techniques, beer and/or wine food pairings, and recipes in your home kitchen. You provide the space and he’ll provide all the food and equipment needed to make you a better cook in your own kitchen.

Groups: Chef guided classes designed for groups of three (3) or more students. Every student will have his or her own prep station with the necessary cooking utensils. Based on the menu, everyone will either prepare their own meal or will be assisting the group in producing a dinner for the everyone.

Individual Classes: These classes can be a little more relaxed and less formal. They are designed for up to two (2) individuals. Based on the menu, you can learn how to tackle specific dishes, a three course meal for a friend or loved one, or it can be skills driven.

Specialty Classes (Focusing on a specific cooking technique, single ingredient utilized in different ways, or a particular cuisine) are offered as well upon request.

Examples of cooking classes (groups or individual): 

– Three-Course Meals (different cushiness available)

– How To Use & Sharpen Knives

– How To Make Stocks and Sauces

– How To Boil Water (Basics Class)

– How To “Cook” (Learning Different Cooking Techniques)

– Fresh Pasta Making (Perfect for families)

– Empanadas En Español (Traditional Empanadas From Scratch) (Taught in English, haha)

– Going Gluten-Free (The basics of gluten-free cooking and eating)

– How To Veg Out Like a Vegan (Vegan Cooking Class)

– Dancing the Non-Dairy Tango (Learning how to substitute dairy in your favorite dishes)

and many more.

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