Private Chef (Resident Chef)

For the Family or the Busy Working Individuals seeking to have a fresh hot meal at home every day for either breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. You can have your own Private Chef to shop, cook, serve, and cleanfor you without lifting one finger!


Private Chef

You can hire Chef Flo or one of his chefs to become your very own personal Private Chef. This means that your chef would cook for your whatever day(s) of the week you choose and have a freshly prepared and cooked meal for whatever meal you choose. Depending on your schedule, the chef would be at your home at least an hour or so before the meal to prep and cook and another hour or so during and after the meal to serve and clean. Your chef would shop for your groceries, keep you pantry and cooler stocked of fresh produce and ingredients.


– Minimum of two (2) days a week and one (1) meal per day

– Minimum of four (4) hours per day: grocery shopping, prep, cook, service, & clean-up

– Minimum three (3) month contract, six (6) & twelve (12) months contracts available

– Breakfast, Lunch, and/or Dinner service


– Based on custom menu created by Chef Flo and yourself

– Che Flo uses simple, all-natural and/or organic ingredients providing a healthy and full balanced meal.

– Dietary Restricted Menus: Gluten-Free, Diabetic-Friendly, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescetarian, Paleo Diet, Plant-Based, etc.


– All rates are subject to change based on availability and season (food)

– Hourly service per day per week (contracted)

– Rates start at $35/hour (Dietary Restricted Menus start at $45/hour)

– Cost of groceries are an additional weekly cost to client. (Average $100 per week per family of four (4). Rates based off of all-natural and/or organic grocer)

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