New Year, New You?!

The new year is upon us once again and every single year it’s usually the same routine.
First 3 months: eat healthier, work out more, and have a positive attitude.
Next 3 months: indulge in one less healthy meal, reduce working out by a day or so, and start thinking, “Hey, I did well for the first three months of the year, what would it hurt if I faltered a little?”
Then the following 3 months: “Life is too short to not enjoy and just ‘LIVE LIFE’! The summer is a time to enjoy and the winter/holidays are coming, I’m going to have to eat all the great, fatty, I mean ‘comforting’ foods anyway! I can start again the new year.”
The final 3 months: Regret, disappointment, and “Oh, well, it’s the holidays” mentality. “Let’s make a new resolution (repeat resolution is what it really is) for January 1st, I can’t wait to change my life (again)!”

As much as I sit here at Starbucks, drinking my Venti Soy Pumpkin Spiced Latte after just reading the first two parts of Rip Esselstyn’s “The Engine 2 Diet,” trying to convince you all to start anew, trust me, I just described my year of resolution and regret in the above description. But is it not what this time is all about? The end of the year is to reflect on your past year’s joys, regrets, disappointments, triumphs, and ‘shoulda, coulda, wouldas.’ However skeptical, I think I’m ready to do this. Even if it is a part of a program for work, I’m going to say it…

My 2012 Resolution: I’m going to begin to follow Rip Esselstyn’s Engine 2 Diet, 28-Day challenge! I’m going on a strong plant-based diet! Ahhhhhhh!!!

I’m going to fill you all in with more information. Check Rip’s website on his diet! I’ll tell you all about Rip’s book and diet and, with the help of Rip, debunk all your myths about a strong plant-based diet. But for now, I have to pick up my daughter from school, figure out how to have a healthy after-school snack opposed to my snack idea prior to reading this book, and go home and toss all my crap out of the cupboards. Stay tuned and wish me luck.


T-minus 35 days until my WFM Engine 2 28-Day Challenge

Leave me comments if you tried this challenge yourself, are a vegan, hate vegetables and love your meat, have faltered on new year’s resolutions and other fun facts about the end of the year traditions of regret. Until next time! Happy eating!

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